E4 in Peloponnese

European Trail E4
in Peloponnese

European Trail E4 in Peloponnese
European Trail E4 in Peloponnese
On the Kalavryta-Planitero section

A part of the E4 European Trail runs through the Peloponnese, from Aegio to Gytheio. The length of the route is 282 km.

One can reach Aegio by bus, either from Patras or Athens. In the past, there were a ferry connextion Delphi (via the Agios Nikolaos port) to Aegio. From Gythio the hiker could continue on boat to Crete.

On its route, the E4 passes through many mountain villages and offers a unique experience of crossing a mountainous and rich in cultural spots region.

E4 on Peloponnese sections

1. Diakopto-Kalavryta 22.2 A very long yet easy hike along the Vouraikos gorge and across the rack railway line.
2. Kalavryta-Loussi 8.3 An interesting trail. Stay overnight in Kato Loussi.
3. Loussi-Planitero 8.7 A pleasant hike, along the western side of Mt Chelmos.
4. Planitero-Arbounas 2.2 A short, recovery, hike
5. Arbounas-Agios Nikolaos 2.9 A short hike, could be combined to Planitero-Arbounas and Agios Nikolaos-Krinofyta legs
6. Agios Nikolaos-Krinofyta 6.3 An interesting trail on a clear path. Open view to Klitoria bassin.
7. Krinofyta-Lykouria 6 An interesting trail on a good path
8. Lykouria-Daras 12.5 A hike along a variety of landscapes. The Ladon springs is the perfect location for a pause.
9. Daras-Vytina 18.9 A disapointing high percentage of tarmac and dirt roads. Vytina offers all necessary facilities to prepare yourself for the next vely long section.
10. Vytina-Tripolis 36.8 A vely long leg. One could spot at the Menalon mountain hut for the night.
11. Tripolis-Doliana 20.5 A high percentage of tarmac and dirt roads, lack of waymarking.
12. Doliana-Agios Petros 8.4 Hiking mostly along roads, lack of waymarking.
13. Agios Petros-Karyes 9.2 An opportunity to recover at Agios Petros or Karyes.
14. Karyes-Vresthena 10.9 Hiking mostly along roads. Waymarking is scarce.
15. Vresthena-Voutiani 15.2 The way to Lakonia region is mostly along roads. Lack of waymarking.
16. Voutiani-Sparta 11.6 Probably the less interesting leg of the whole E4.
17. Sparta-Parori 6.5 Refill everything in Sparta and cross the plain under the supervision of Mystras castle.
18. Parori-Anavryti 8.5 A pleasant section - and an intoduction to the Mt Taygetos mountain landscape.
19. Anavryti-Lakomata 4.4 Along the Mt Taygetos montane forest. One could combine this short leg to the Lakomata-Mt Taygetos refuge leg.
20. Lakomata-Mt Taygetos refuge 7.7 Στα δάση του Ταϋγέτου. Το μικρό αυτό σκέλος μπορεί να συνδυαστεί με το Λακκώματα-Καταφύγιο Ταϋγέτου
21. Mt Taygetos refuge-Agios Dimitrios 5.1 In Agios Dimitrios there is water and a small bivouac.
22. Agios Dimitrios-Arna 11.1 Along the Vasiliki conifer forest.
23. Arna-Kastania 8.5 An interesting section, passing by the Panagia Giatrisa monastery.
24. Kastania-Platanos 16.7 Crossing the Bardounia region along various roads.
25. Platanos-Gythion 12.7 Along roads only, yet the rural landscape is joyfull.
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