Discover Giona

Discover Giona

Mt. Giona (2510 m) is the fifth highest mountain of Greece, after Mt Olympus, Mt Smolikas, Mt Kaimaktsalan and Mt Gramos. It stretches between Mt. Vardousia and Mt. Parnassus, separated from the first by the axis of river Mornos and from the second by “51” pass.

The main characteristics of Giona landscape are the two long gorges, of Reka to the south and of Lazorema to the west, the scattered cliffs and rock faces, with the most well-known, Sykia cliff, having an elevation range of 1000 m, and finally the numerous active and open-face bauxite mines, which have actually hurt almost every side of the mountain.

The most interesting hiking routes of the mountain are the ascent to Pyramida, the highest peak of Mt Giona, the crossing of Reka gorge and the ascent of Lazorema ravine, all three converging at the summit.

E4 trail crosses the eastern side of the mountain, following a route of low hiking and aesthetic value.


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