Epirus Trail

Epirus Trail

Epirus Trail is long mountain adventure crossing Epirus Region, from Mt. Gramos down to Tzoumerka Mts. Dream of many years and many people, it began to be designed in 2015 by the Epirus Region authority and EPIRUS SA Development Company. With an initially estimated length of 400 km, Epirus Trail is the longest single hiking route ever developed in Greece.

Current phase of implementation focuses on Konitsa, Zagori, Metsovo and Northern Tzoumerka areas, while plans are already set to expand this network towards other Epirus areas and to extend towards the adjacent Macedonia Region.

Epirus Trail based on and highlights the old communication axis, used for centuries by local people to travel across Epirus, to adjacent regions or abroad.

The regions crossed by Epirus Trail include areas of exceptional natural scenery, unique ecological value and genuine cultural elements.

The field data recording is carried out by a group of experts of KEDROS SA, coordinated by Christos Lambris (mountain guide) and consisting of Angelos Adamakopoulos (mechanical engineer) and Tr. Adamakopoulos (civil engineer). Data management is supported by Nikos Veis (GIS technician), while specific issues are addressed by the Regina Koutsi (Dr. geologist).

A new technique for the rapid recording and specification of necessary works along the trail has been developed by AnaDigit especially for Epirus Trail. Core element of this technique is the mobile app Trail Creator, while all spacial processes are supported by a specific Web GIS platform developed by Yiannis Sofos (Dr. surveyor engineer).