Gerakas-Papi loop trail

On the Alonnissos hills

Gerakas-Papi loop trail

Alonnissos topoguide: Gerakas-Papi loop trail
Gerakas-Papi loop trail
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Papi is the highland pastures of Gerakas area, the better greezing place in a sea of rocky and arid terrain. This area is today abandoned, an endless wasteland, with remnants of shepherds huts and unsused roads. However, these very old roads and animal tracks can be combined in a loop trail, which offers excellent views both of the bay of Gerakas and the rugged northern shores of the island.

Silent and empty of anything that stimulates the spirit, the landscape of the route preserves the primitif beauty of the wildness of Alonissos.

The hike starts from the end of the asphalt road serving of Gerakas harbour. Follow this road backwards to the beginning of a small dirt road. Go uphill on an old alley until reaching the dirt road that serves the huts in Papi.

Alonnisos topoguide: Gerakas-Papi loop trail
Gerakas-Papi loop trail: The important livestock facility in Sfrigou
At the end of the road (water tank) continue along the mountain ridge, on a small path that runs through rocky outcrops and small meadows. This zone is called Sfrigou and is the most hospitable pasture of the large barren area of ​​Gerakas.

Arriving at the feet of the more steep ridge towards Analipsis peak, turn right and following splinted livestock paths, pass a complex of ruined huts with sheet metal roofs. We continue on a better path to the Center of the Marine Park and reach the starting point.

Text and photos by T. Adamakopoulos


Marking and signposting

The is no marking along the trail.


The Kestrel

Αλόννησος: Το Βραχοκιρκίνεζο
A medium-sized falcon, the Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) is the commonest bird of prey in Greece. It lives and nests in a very wide variety of habitats, from coastal and urban habitats to the upper mountain areas. It is usually recognized by its characteristic hovering flight when it hunts, staying in the air in the same point, flapping rapidly its wings and fanning its tail.

Seen from above in flight, its maroon-colored back is distinctive, while the male has a characteristic gray "cap" on the face. Underneath, both genera are greyish, with a distinct black stripe on the tail. Near the nest or immediately after the first flight of the young, Kestrels can be quite noisy, with repeated high-pitched trills.

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