Hiking on Geraneia Mts.

Geraneia Mts.ς
Geraneia Mts., western side

Geraneia Mts. (highest peak Makryplagi, 1.351m) extend from Megara city to Loutraki, reaching with lower hills the Melagkavi Akrotiri. The name of the mountain comes, according to Greek mythology, from the crane birds, as Megaros, son of Zeus, in order to save himself, swam to the tops of the mountain, guided from the cries of the cranes flying above it.

Geraneia Mts. are surrounded by the Saronic Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf and the Alkyonis Gulf. It is covered with pine trees whereas the higher zone is covered by Greek firs. The shrubby vegetation is rich and 950 species and subspecies of plants have been recorded, many of them are rare or endemic to Greece or Attica, like the endangered local endemic Centaurea attica ssp. megarensis, the population of which is small and scattered. The area is part of the European Network of Protected Areas (Natura 2000).
Apart from the main massif, other interesting areas are the archaeological site of Heraion, the numerous monasteries near Loutraki and Melagavi Lighthouse.

The Loutraki Alpine Club has signposted an interesting network of hiking paths.

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