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Long Pelion Trail

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Long Pelion Trail and its 11 sections

As all Long Distance Trails, Long Pelion Trail is meant to be crossed as a continuous multi-day hike. The route is planned to be done in either 11 days, or in 12 days, if you add one more day off in the middle of the distance, eg in Damouchari or Tsagarada.

However depending on the planning and capability of the team, it can be done as an Ultra Trail pace (eg in two or three 24h sections), as a challenging mountain run (in 4-5 days), or in a fast trekking pace (6-8 days). The choice depends on the physical strenght of the group, the weather conditions and the desired pace.

In its northern part, LPT incorporates a part of the route of the National Trail O2, while from Makrinitsa and further south, it uses paths that have been included in the hiking network program of the municipalities of Volos, Zagora-Mouresi and South Pelion or in Ultra Pelion Trail mountain running race.

These paths are maintained and marked by the HAC of Volos and the Friends of Kalderimi of South Pelion. Adopting these paths by local hikers and mountaineers, ensures the longevity of the whole project, as the maintenance of the paths in the climatic and vegetative conditions of Mt Pelion requires annual care.

Following the recent cleaning work, LPT is passable along all its length. However, due to the explosive spring growth of the vegetation, it is possible to encounter a few problems in the two northern parts and on Mt Tisseon.

In addition to the above factors, the time needed between two locations can be estimated using objective variables, such as the length of the route, the difficulty of the route - a parameter related to the gradient of the slope and its walkability - and the cumulative elevation difference of ascent and descent.

Each of the above parameters has a different weighting in the final time calculation routine. Use the LPT Course Calculator to estimate the hiking time for each section and the entire route, based on your walking pace and your ascent and descent rate.

Eleven sections structure

Section name
1. Kamari-Keramidi-Veneto 2/5 16530 730 510 586 0 7 From the sea level to the montane Veneto
2. Veneto-Flamouri monastery-Sourvias monastery 2/5 14360 932 455 963 208 6 In the desolation of North Pelion
3. Sourvias monastery-Makrinitsa 1/5 14960 618 692 1135 632 6 Crossing the wilderness on Northern Pelion
4. Makrinitsa-Agios Onoufrios-Stagiates-Portaria-Chania 1/5 16310 1085 529 1185 139 6 Along the endless cobbled ways of Pelion
5. Chania-Mouresi-Damouchari-Tsagarada 2/5 24025 1103 1772 1455 0 9 From beech to beach
6. Tsagarada-Milies 2/5 10730 364 490 768 389 4 Along the old Tsagarada-Milies highway
7. Milies-Panagiotiko-Afetes-Afissos 1/5 14380 347 732 388 0 6 An easy walk around the Panagiotiko Reservoir
8. Afissos-Lefokastro-Kalamos-Argalasti 1/5 10790 378 127 251 0 4 The most joyfull face of LPT
9. Argalasti-Lafkos-Platanias 2/5 14165 251 504 377 0 5 Tracing the pathways converging to Argalasti
10. Platanias-Mikro-Chondi Amos-Valtoudi 1/5 11030 223 214 104 0 5 A nice walk along the coastal landscapes of Mt Tisseon
11. Valtoudi-Mt Tisseon-Trikeri-Agia Kyriaki 4/5 19705 1065 1072 650 0 8 A critical connection along Mt Tisseon
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