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LPT Sourvia monastery-Makrinitsa

Sourvia monastery-Makrinitsa is the third part of LPT and runs along the area of Sourvia monastery and the village of Makrinitsa. The valleys west of Sourvia monastery used to be inhabited in the past: the main settlement of the area was Panagia Leschiani. Nowadays, the area is remote and quiet. We meet hardly any dwellings until we reach the location Trano Isoma where there are a few rural cottages.

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North Pelion topoguide: Sourvia monastery
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The Sourvias monastery - Makrinitsa section starts from Sourvias monastery, from where we will follow a narrow alley and then a dirt road. Passing by a trough with a short path, we continue on a dirt road. Follow the road for 1250 m and leave it to enter right in a large meadow. Walk across and find the marked path. Cross a ravine and reach a meadow, then turn left and with a smooth uphill traverse end up on a dirt road.

North Pelion topoguide: The trough near Sourvia monastery
North Pelion topoguide: The trough near Sourvia monastery

The path continues directly opposite, at first in a small ravine, without a clear track and then along a rocky field. Following the signage, enter a dark and smooth ravine and reach finally a meadow. From the meadow, continue with maneuvers in dense forest to a large clearing with high herbs. From the end of the clearing, turn right and passing by an estate with walnuts, exit on a dirt road.

North Pelion topoguide: Walking down the Makrinitsa paths
North Pelion topoguide: Walking down the Makrinitsa paths

Continue 7.1 km on this dirt road, passing by the Karya stone bridge and the installation of loggers of Krya Vrysi (drinking water). Finally, reach the Trano Isoma plateau, the highest point of the route (1130 m.).

From Trano Isoma, walk for a while on the dirt road until the beginning of a relatively good path that ends at the Kedros Ai-Lia estates. Continue on the dirt road and finally reach the Profitis Ilias chapel (large fountain on the left).

With a combination of alleys and path, pass through an agricultural plateau with crops and farmhouses.

Continue on the dirt road and leave it to descend on a good path. Meet the dirt road again after bridging two maneuvers with short paths and continue until a big turn. With a short path, go to the cement road above Makrinitsa and immediately descend to a series of very good paths toward the settlement. Take the excellent main cobbled path of the settlement and reach the large square of Makrinitsa.

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos


North Pelion topoguide
Most of the route follows dirt roads. Only a third of the length runs on earth or cobbled paths.

The entire route is marked with the Long Pelion Trail symbols. In the monastery of Sourvia and Makrinitsa there are the relevant signposts.
Along the way we will find a few signposts and in some places quite dense red marks from other waymarking projects.

The length of the route is 15 km and can be done in 6-7 hours.

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