O2 Keramidi-Veneto


The O2 National Trail section from Kamari to Veneto is the second part of the O2 route in the Pelion area. The path starts from the traditional village of Keramidi and ends at Veneto, meandering along the most least-known area of Pelion. However, the hiker will appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape and the architectural value of the villages.

We start from the central square of Keramidi and the large church of Agios Georgios.

We continue on cobbled streets until the and of the settlement and in the first ravine we will take the path to Veneto. At the beginning the path is more like a dirt road and then it becomes a clear cobbled path. We meet and cross the asphalt road and continue on a wide and well built cobbled path to a shallow ravine which we cross and continue until we meet a dirt road.

Long Pelion Trail: On the O2 trail
Long Pelion Trail: On the O2 trail
The dirt road runs along an open basin with meadows. At the axis of the ravine we can spot the start of the path to Kanalia. The dirt road now gradually becomes more like a wide path and passes through a small pond.
Long Pelion Trail: Setting of from Ptofitis Ilias, aiming to Veneto
Long Pelion Trail: Setting of from Ptofitis Ilias, aiming to Veneto
Shortly after the pond, we enter a path that climbs with a few maneuvers a fairly steep slope to the passage at Portes. After Portes we meet the beginning of a dirt road. This dirt road surrounds the eastern slopes of a system of hills which are covered with sparse and tall oak trees.

After 820m. on the dirt road, we leave it to descend slightly into a ravine on the axis of which we find a through. This path leads to the asphalt road of Veneto. We walk on the asphalt road and see in our left hand the start of another part of the path. We find again the asphalt road, follow it for a while and leave it to descend with a short shortcut to the following asphalt section. We continue on the asphalt road to the church of Profitis Ilias.

From this place we will descend 100 m to a series of ravines in very dense Mediterranean vegetation. This almost 2 km long path brings us to the asphalt road, just on front of the concrete water tank of Veneto. We continue on the asphalt road up to the parking lot of the Veneto.

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos


North Pelion topoguide
The route is marked with the symbols of Long Pelion Trail and localy with signs of O2 National Trail.
There is a signpost og Long Pelion Trail in the parking lot of Veneto.
Along the way we will also find quite dense red marks.

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