Pouri-Makrinitsa via the Pourianos Stavros summit

North Pelion

Pouri-Makrinitsa via the Pourianos Stavros summit

North Pelion topoguide: Pouri-Makrinitsa via the Pourianos Stavros summit
North Pelion topoguide
Blue: Pouri-Makrinitsa via the Pourianos Stavros summit
Purple: Makrinitsa-Pouri via the Western bivouac
Green: Makrinitsa-Pouri via the Lagonika
Orange: Makrinitsa-Pouri via the Kapsales
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The hiking route Pouri – Makrinitsa crosses the highest peak of Pelion, known as Pourianos Stavros. The route is the shortest but the most difficult among the four connections between Makrinitsa and the remote settlement of Pouri.

North Pelion topoguide
North Pelion topoguide
Profitis Ilias chapel

Set off from the town square of Pouri early in the morning aiming to Makrinitsa. At the beginning, follow the alleys of the settlement, until the end of the village.

Then, cross a field where chestnut trees are cultivated. Go steadily uphill on the dirt road and finally pass in front of the Profitis Ilias chapel. Very soon, cross another well-maintained chestnut plantation and continue across apple orchards. Next, the trail goes through a natural chestnut forest, following the red marks on the trees. Pass by the chapel of Agia Marina and follow the concrete ditch.

North Pelion topoguide
North Pelion topoguide
Agia Marina chapel
Enter soon a majestic beech forest, following the well-indicated trail. Eventually, the year followin a severe winterd, the path could be interrupted in many locations by fallen trees. On some plaes, the heaped foliage along the trail blocks the line of vision and thus one might face difficulties to detect the marks. However, the signage with red marks on the trees is rather consistent and follwing the route is safe. Leave the forest in order to follow a dirt road and then walk behind the military base. Mt Pelion high summit - Pourianos Stavros - is in the middle of the fenced military area and thus practically inaccessible.
North Pelion topoguide
North Pelion topoguide
Kotroni springs: a small dam for water intake
Continue on a long dirt road which heading to Makrinitsa up to the beginning of another trail section. This is a dense marked trail with red and white colours, due to the signage of the local trail running race, Ultra Trail Pelion. Walk mainly on a cobbled path, partially damaged but still visible. Gradually, get closer to Makrinitsa and walk steadily uphill. At this part the stone-paved path, crossing the beautiful Mediterranean landscape, is in better condition.

North Pelion topoguide
North Pelion topoguide
The Trano Isoma plateau

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos


The whole route is marked with the red markers used by EOS Volos. There are a few directional signposts, from earlier signage efforts.

The route is 17.2 km long and crosses desert forested areas at a relatively high altitude (1600m elevation). Adequate supplies and good fitness condition are required.

In winter, most of the route is covered by a thick layer of snow.

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