O2 Veneto-Pouri

O2 Veneto-Pouri

The Veneto-Pouri section of the O2 National Trail is the penultimate section before the end of the whole route in Zagora. At the same time, it is the most interesting and experience-rich part of O2, of course along with the crossing of the alpine meadows of Olympus (first leg od O2, Skala-Karya).

The wild beauty of the route attracts dozens of European hikers every year, mostly French and Germans, who test their stamina facing this difficult connection.

The route starts from the parking lot of the Veneto. After the square (where there is a cafe-tavern), we pass near the church of Agios Nikolaos and the Kamara fountain and exit the village.

Once on the dirt road, we leave on our right the Long Pelion Trail markings heading to the monastery of Flamouri and we continue until a livestock installation, where we enter the path. We pass Kakorema ravine and reach a desert sheepfold. The red signs lead us to the Vathoulomeni ravine.

North Pelion topoguide: Reaching Mitzela area
North Pelion topoguide: Reaching Mitzela area
We are now close to the shoreline. We find a fork, which leads to the narrow bay where the shipyard of the monastery of Flamouri was installed in the past (location of Agios Nikolaos, ruins of the old warehouses can be seen). Shortly afterwards, on the steep shore we see the coastal caves, which ancient geographers and historians refer to as the Ipni.

From Agralexi ravine we go to Limnionas beach (ruins and old well).
North Pelion topoguide: Along the cobbled path from Palia (Old) Mitzela to Pouri
North Pelion topoguide: Along the cobbled path from Palia (Old) Mitzela to Pouri
The path now continues in along dense Mediterranean bushes. We climb Kerasorema ravine and reach the location Perivolia, formerly estates of Palia Mitzela, where we meet a dirt road. After the forested Kapnoutsi ravine and the single-arched stone bridge Pyrgakia we go out on a dirt road again (immediately after, there is a small spring). A short path leads us to the area of ​​Palia (Old) Mitzela, where the ruins of houses and churches can be spoted.

We cross the deep Lagonika ravine with a cobbled path and on the stone bridge of Diakoumis. We each now a dirt road and follow it to the right. At the end of a secondary road, we find the stone-built path that descends to Xerorema ravine.
North Pelion topoguide: Neraki spring
North Pelion topoguide: Neraki spring
Going uphill, we meet the spring Neraki, which flows through the hollow of a large Plane tree. We go out on the road and with an alternation of cement and dirt roads we reach the lower neighborhood of Pouri. In a parking lot, where there is a large fountain, we leave the asphalt and go up through the village to the main road, where the end of the route.

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos


North Pelion topoguide
The route is marked with marks of O2. Signs have recently been updated and, although sparse, are quite informative.

Moreover, along the way we will find quite dense red marks. The (several) branches are all marked with red and blue marks.

The route is walked relatively often and is kept passable. Local difficulties with overgrown vegetation are easily addressed with a pruner - a tool that should not be missing from our backpack in all the routes of North Pelion.

The hiker will find potable water in a small spring near Old Minzela and in the spring Neraki.
The path is long and in summer you will need at least 1.5 lt of water.

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