North Pelion


The Veneto-Kanalia trail follows the course of the old track used by the muleteer and shepherds of Veneto to get down to the villages of Lake Karla.

From Kanalia, the people of Veneto easily reached Volos, following a safer road than the short but impassable in winter mountain road from the monasteries of Flamouri and Sourvia.

The Veneto-Kanalia pathway converged with the Keramidi-Kanalia track above the Kanalia area. These two tracks were the main communication roads from the isolated villages of Northern Pelion to the annual bazaars and markets of the heart of Magnesia. Well trodden and with gentle slopes, the two old roads have arrived in modern times quite coherent and clear, and - above all - just a bit fragmented by the new road network.

Text and photos: T. Adamakopoulos

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